pravaha ppWater has been and will remain precious beyond imagination.

Pravaha  endeavours to raise awareness of the importance of water to the level of everyday understanding in all age groups.

Turn your pledge to save water into meaningful actions.

Pravaha’s resources include

  • Kids Talk H2O
  • Water art cards
  • Water wonders
  • Water Talk
  • Poems
  • Write for water
  • Water in focus
  • Water woes
  • Inspiring stories and solutions from around the world and views related to WATER and more

by sharing which we intend to help others to see and do their bit for water.

When we take time to learn what water is worth, the possibilities are limitless. Water is worth it!

Say Hello to Oxygen. Say H2O.

Through partnerships and collaboration, Pravaha promotes its cause to create and enhance water conservation.

Have a look at all that has been shared for WATER.


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