Prakruti Sports Science & Physiotherapy Clinic Pvt Ltd has been treating and preventing sports injuries and lifestyle diseases for the last 24 years. After Andheri (W) and Bandra (E), our third center has opened in Powai.

You will benefit from our presence in your locality if:

You have been suffering any joint pain

You have been advised or have just undergone a joint replacement surgery

You play a sport or plan to join one

You are a weekend athlete

You are stressed, or have just been diagnosed with borderline Diabetes/ Hypertension

You have undergone any minor or major Cardiac Procedure

You are a marathoner

You exercise regularly, and often feel a nagging pain

You have a child who is learning a sport

You have been planning to join a gym and would like to learn “what is safe exercise”?

You need to lose/ put on weight and would like to do it without harming your long-term health

You are pregnant and want to do some safe and simple pregnancy exercises

You have recently undergone any orthopedic or arthroscopic surgery


If you fit into any of the above categories or you simply want to find out if we can help you, please visit us at Powai Or call on 022-26360235 Or read about what we do on our website

For the next 30 days (29th Sep 2014 to 18th Oct 2014), we will not charge our consultation charges in our Powai Center. Come and meet one of our Senior Therapist