The road leading to the Powai’s Raheja Vihar through Panch Shristi and Chandivili bi-lanes, has become a nightmare for commuters due to potholes that have cropped up on the road. Though the concreting work has been completed, it has not been able to meet the month end deadline as new pot holes have cropped up.

The aim behind constructing the service roads was to enable traffic going from Hiranandani Gardens to Andheri east and vice versa. “Surprisingly, the patch going towards Raheja Vihar right in front of the societies has developed large potholes much before the monsoons. Even water has filled into them from an unknown source,” complains Manohar Lala, a resident of Panch Shristi, Powai, who says he has made several complaints to the BMC but in vain.

When the engineering department ‘L’ ward officials of Chandivili were contacted S Kadam said, “I will surely look into the matter, some patches may have come undone. But the source of water has to be identified.” Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) claims to counter the rains this year will put all road and drain works to the test, making the potholes reveal the other side of the story.

A ride from the road behind S M Shetty School at Powai has many school buses and students commuting and a treacherous journey for most youngsters should be the last thing for new school beginners!

The main reason why these roads are pockmarked with potholes, making driving on this road bumpier than ever before, is that many heavy duty vehicles drive through this service road. Seema Sharma, active resident of Lake homes Powai says,

“Such huge trucks and construction carriers pass on these Chandivili roads, to go through Hiranandani Gardens and go to the Eastern express highway or Kailash complex in order to avoid the ADS Marg leaving the weak roads in broken bits. Even the cables are left open on the roads with ducts dangerously exposed to rainfall.

After missing several deadlines to fill potholes, the civic body has scurried to do some last-minute patchwork. The BMC is relying on stronger pave blocks to cover up Mumbai’s potholed roads. But with the half-done or shoddy work done earlier it wouldn’t be long before the patchwork would give way.

Anusuya De from Powai further adds, “Even street lights do not work. The footpaths and barriers are broken and not continuously outlined.” Surely, there seems to be a total lack of co-ordination between the agencies responsible for the road maintenance.

Source: Times of Mulund Powai. 12 June 2010