Open Mic

Rough Book: The Open Mic, Powai’s first all art form open mic, was organised by SYBMMSays, a student community on the last day of October, 2019 at El Rancho-Pick Pocket, Powai—Mumbai’s First Dual Restaurant. The event saw participation from artists and audiences across the city. The event witnessed an interesting assortment, with the youngest performer being 12-year-old and the oldest one being 81.

Rough Book is a platform where budding performers could showcase their skills, meet veterans, network with other performers from across the city and grow. Even though Powai is considered to be one of the poshest areas in Mumbai, it had practically no places to perform for budding artists barring a few highly inaccessible events. And Rough Book was born as a way to plug that gap,” said Osaid Butt, Founder, SYBMMSays, an 18-year-old student from Powai to our reporter.

Speaking about the objective of ‘Rough Book’, he said, “From the get-go, we at SYBMMSays knew that we wanted to use art as a way to build a close-knit and empowered student community. This open mic is our way of letting students showcase their artistic abilities and it serves as a training ground for what’s out there, that’s why the name Rough Book. We made sure that none of the artists have to pay any registration fee because that’s something that we as an organization strongly believe in- making art free and accessible to all. We also partnered up with Fauji Foundation, any proceeds generated were used to help the families of martyrs and war veterans. We also partnered up with Jennifer’s Health and Diet Solutions to give all attendees free physical and mental health assessments as well. We intend to keep creating real-world impact with our venture.”

The event was a massive success with over 100 people attending it. The next session of Rough Book is already in the works and will be announced soon. SYBMMSays is currently working on several events and workshops for students.

SYBMMSays is a democratic student platform for and by students. It is an independent student community that aims to empower students and create a safe space for all. SYBMMSays works towards helping students expand their horizons while creating a close-knit community.