Following the success of the Foodgasm in Bandra, owner Mr.Kapil Ghorpade decided to extend their much-loved service of delivering fresh, healthy and delicious food to Powai.  The new outlet received a very warm response and it has been welcomed as a much-needed service in Powai due to the ever-growing corporate population and increasing number of health-conscious people in the area.

Mr. Kapil Ghorpade is a young, enthusiastic entrepreneur. His passion for fitness and healthy food is what led to the creation of Foodgasm.  Learning from his experience of being unable to stay fit despite running half marathons and doing Crossfit, led him to understand that it was the food habit that needed correction. He believes it is not diet food that one needs to eat, but nutritious and right food. Thus, he engaged the services of the industry’s top consultants which includes celebrity Chef Varun Inamdar and created the incredibly healthy and tasty menu for Foodgasm!

The menu is truly a work of creativity and food science that has been well received and won praise from their customers. Foodgasm’s menu includes dishes like Halloween soup which is a roasted pumpkin soup with brown rice, red rice risotto with mushroom, quinoa biryani, black rice pilaf which is made from the forbidden rice and is very healthy, grilled tenderloin which is a steak with Thai green peas and mash and baked potatoes, twisted pani puri stuffed with quinoa, chickpea and pomegranate; and dark chocolate whole wheat brownie among many more options. The aim to delight the customer doesn’t stop with the innovative menu. The brand is offering a special Diwali surprise on every order! So if you order now, you get your well deserved SURPRISE!

They also run a healthy meal subscription service for a limited audience comprising of working professionals, people who live alone and health enthusiasts. All in all one can say here is where you can eat great food without worrying about carbs and calories and stay fit.

On the other hand, Kapil Ghorpade, the complete foodie that he is, didn’t want to disappoint those foodies with a desire for the complete works – the real taste of Indian Dhaba food which has all the elements of satisfying not just the taste buds but the heart as well. Makhan Singh was born out of the desire to serve soulful authentic Dhaba food to people in Powai even at late hours. The team is a group of passionate and hard-working professionals dedicated to serving fresh and lip-smacking food, using only healthy ingredients in a hygienic environment. The menu is an assortment of mouth-watering delicacies that are a must try.  One can try the amazing varieties of real Dhaba food along with some innovative twists like the pesto chicken tikka, stuffed mushroom, shakahari kheema pav, khursimiyan, clay pot biryani, chicken phulzadi kebab, and others.

Their introductory offer of 25% off on all orders has also been quite encouraging and worth it all. The delectable food deserves all the appreciation that has been showered upon since inception. The idea behind the online delivery for Makhan Singh is the belief that the real fun in life is in spending quality time together with family at home.  Hence, the zeal to deliver premium quality, healthy and delicious food to homes in Powai within a short while to satisfy hunger cravings.  A hearty meal from Makhan Singh is sure to leave you with the experience of a very satisfied and happy feeling of having eaten good food.

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