Commuters who used the Powai Vihar ‘approach road’ would always find it a nightmare to drive on. Locals and Powai Vihar residents got some relief on the 11th of July 2010, when the local MLA, Naseem Khan, also a cabinet minister and guardian minister of the suburbs, came for inspection and inauguration of the same at the Powai Vihar CHS center. After pleading for three long years, the project has finally been launched.

The Powai Vihar Cooperative Housing Society (CHS), which comprises of over seven housing societies, is an exemplary case of unity. The residents from various CHS came together and formed a ‘task force’ committee, under the supervision of D L Maskikar, secretary of the Powai Vihar Association.

Regarding the completion of the road, Maskikar said, “For the last few years, we have been fighting for this approach road to the Powai Vihar to be completed. But we faced a lot of hurdles as it was under the MHADA jurisdiction and so none of the builders around it wanted to complete or repair it. Now we are grateful to our MLA Naseem Khan, for having cleared it although there is a lot to be still done.”

Powai Vihar residents are set to get relief from traffic jams and potholes which had become an annual feature during monsoon. The said road will also improve connectivity between Chandivili and Hiranandani commuters, although officials said traffic congestion had increased on this stretch due to a spurt in vehicles, in the past couple of years.

Naseem Khan, while praising the task force, said, “Good perseverance and co-ordination with the system has shown that citizens can work together to achieve something. Finishing touches are still left and follow-up of all projects is necessary for the other ongoing development. The Powai Vihar task force is a good example of citizens’ governance.”

Meanwhile, Indu Nair, secretary of Gem CHS, Powai Vihar, who is concerned regarding the same road being littered with garbage despite a dustbin on the road, said, “Citizens must keep the road clear of garbage. If we use the dustbins provided, then none of it will spill on the road, which blocks the same road at the Powai Vihar junction, often.

The garbage also attracts many cattle, so it is high time citizens maintain the roads that we fight for.”The Powai Vihar ‘task force’ is all set to take on more tasks such as repairs of internal roads, installation of culverts for smooth passage of rainwater, deal with the conveyance of housing societies besides numerous other residents’ issues. The ‘task force’ is surely a true example of unity in diversity!

Source: The Times of Mulund-Powai. 24 July 2010.