By Elsie Gabriel

Come Durga Puja next week and the Powai Bengali community is all set to rock Powai! Usha Uthup is going to set the musical stage on fire this Puja alright! Do not forget to get a bite of the delightful Bengali cuisines also made by authentic Bengali chefs! So get your Dhakai sarees out and get all dressed up in traditional clothes to enjoy Durga Maa’s blessings right here in Powai, Hiranandani Gardens.

The Bengali community is also bringing history and heritage to Powai!  Bishnupur Terracotta Temple is the epitome of the pandal or mandap for the Pujo celebrations this year.

Says Arati Saha,a member of the Bengali committee in Powai, “Bishnupur temple is a heritage site and what more than to have it adorn Powai. Powai’s  pandal also features interesting sculptures and artistic expressions.”


In a big country that is India, gods and mythology take various regional forms. Take a history lesson about the Bhisnupur temple in West Bengal. Did you know that accordingly temple buildings and sculptures also vary as per local terrain and building material available. Huge rocks of Deccan Plateau, enabled the sculptors to carve out monolithic statues and sculptures. But the alluvial soil of Gangetic plain left no place even for small stone! But the ingenious and skillful builders found their own way of constructing beautiful and strong buildings. Bricks were baked out of soft clay and temples, edifices were built as also sculptures were carved. Special adhesive plaster was prepared to fix sculpted bricks on the walls. This style is known as terracotta.

Adds Anusuya De another Bengali of Powai all set to rock this festival, “I’am all set to wear my  Bishnupuri saree which originally comes from the Bishnupur district. It has all the motifs and designs pertaining to the temples.Art permeated all aspects of life and my saree is one sure witness to this also!”

Adorned by magnificent art and architecture, this pandal tells the tale of the golden era of the West Bengal.  It is a place where you can really experience the true heritage of West Bengal.Do not forget to witness Bishnupur in Powai this weekend!