Logic Centre and Community Welfare Association Mumbai (LCCWA Mumbai) has been working to bring in change in the slums across the road from IIT Mumbai.

LCCWA aspires to foster something of lasting value for the community. It started with the idea of facilitating education and research in Logic and its relationship with and application in other disciplines.

Distressed by the lack of quality education in the schools, prevalence of “rote learning” rather than rigorous learning of facts from which children may extrapolate and produce ideas and thoughts, mere cramming of facts without developing an ability to think critically, having no room for the infusion of rational temper, have led some involved with school education to suggest that for cognitive development critical understanding and acquiring skills for problem solving rather than rote learning, is important. This, in fact, is the link between research activities of the Centre and its concern for school education / welfare activities.

Several concerned members of LCCWA Mumbai, including some senior faculty members and students of IIT Bombay together with highly experienced retired teachers of schools and dedicated ladies and volunteers, were led to initiate a well designed programme of remedial learning for the underprivileged children, who are keen on making up their deficiencies and backlogs but are victims of inferior systems of education.
Unlike regular tuition classes and N.G.Os the programme of LCCWA Mumbai aims at providing quality education to underprivileged slum children in order to reduce school dropout rate, build character, help becoming better human beings, eradicate child marriage and child labour, remove superstition and devote personalized attention to child development by organizing health, nutrition, counselling and well-being programmes.

The poor slum children need care of the rest of the society as neither their parents nor anyone else in their neighbourhood could provide any sense of direction.

We take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers, sponsors and all those who have been our pillars of support.

LCCWA began its journey in December 2012 with 30 children and now there are over 150, more wanting to join. They are working hard to excel in all that they do and it’s a pleasure to watch them grow.Now they know that there is a wide world out there. Their horizons have expanded!

Join us in helping them shine.

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