Womens Achievers Awards by Young Environmentalists Programme trust and  Rodas hotel Hiranandani Gardens Powai. The Rodas ecotel Powai  witnessed deserving women receive the coveted “Women’s Achievers Award” by the Young Environmentalists Programme Trust  at Rodas Ecotel Powai. Bollywood came to Powai in style.There was Marvie Beck, Masaba Gupta, Sameera Reddy, Mukesh Rishi, Lavinia and Chetan Hansraj, Gary Richardson, Carlyta and Anaida rock the Womens achievers awards .

[quote]Said Actress Sameera Reddy regarding her award, “I’am happy to receive the award from the Young Environmentalists Programme trust. Women must celebrate the significant progress that has been achieved through determined advocacy, practical action and enlightened policy making. Women must continue  to improve the health and well-being of their families, take advantage of income-earning opportunities, and protect themselves from exploitation and vulnerability. Only through women’s full and equal participation in all areas of public and private life can we hope to achieve the sustainable, peaceful and just society.”[/quote]
[quote]Welcomed Elsie Gabriel founder of the Young Environmentalists at the event this morning, “This celebration  honours women from all walks of life! International Women’s Day is an important time to recognize both the achievements of women and the leadership that women provide. By recognizing the outstanding achievements of women the Young Environmentalists  not only provide role models but also encourage the community to nominate women for honour. “[/quote]

[box]The awardees among the few imminent deserving ladies who are being honoured at Hotel Rodas Powai are Masaba Gupta, Carlyta Maria Mouhini, Tejal Pandey, Tara Sharma, Dr.Rishma Dhillon Pai, Mallika Dutt, Sameera Reddy, Vaishali Narendra Salavkar, Anaida Parvaneh, Susieben Shah, Gladys Staines, Carol Gracias, Suman Basu, Natacha Desa, Meher Castelino, Dolkar Tenzin, Lavinia  Hansraj, Charmaine Ferns, Preeti Sompura, Anita Sood, Rajita Chaudhuri, Sheilu Sreenivasan, Hutokshi Rustomfram, Sumaira Abdulali, Marvie Beck, Dr.Hema Ambadan, Seema Redkar, Minnie Vaid, Sunita  Aralikar, Dr.Anila Verghese, Shubhada Nikharge, Devika Natwarlal Rotawan and Deepti Bhatnagar among many others.[/box]
Meet Carlyta Mouhini , Singer  born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently is based in Bombay- India .Today she is the most versatile singer, studied in Sao Paulo High School and graduated from Loreto Convent – Cal University with a degree in English, B.Ed, and Diploma in Music and Mass Communication.After living in Brazil, Spain and South America, she wanted to live and explore the vastness of Music, Culture and Journalism in India. Most versatile singer will also enthrall the crowd with her Senorita………
In her message says Gladys Staines-“I will humbly accept the award. Of course whatever I did was with God’s help and also the huge encouragement of those around me caring for people with Leprosy, those on the committee of the Leprosy  Home and Hospital and the community. Not to mention the prayers and encouragements of uncountable numbers of people like yourself in India. In fact the work of the Hospital and everything that is still happening in Baripada is because of the committed staff and members at Baripada.””
Gary Richardson-Founder and Creative Director of the MAD HORSES Theater Troupe performed at the finale his act -Public Spaces Dissident‘, to create awareness about the loss of open spaces here in Mumbai.