Road Traffic Jams is one of the biggest problems faced by people living in Mumbai daily. Powai resident, Ravi Khemani, one of the founders of Birds Eye Systems, along with his colleague Brijraj Vaghani, have taken an initiative to do something about it. Backed with significant work experience in wireless and internet companies in the US, both of them have come out with an ingenious technology product called , which is a real time traffic monitoring system that provides road commuters with live traffic conditions around the city.

In India up till now digital maps have not been in great detail and none of them have provided live traffic information for roads. Traffline is the perfect answer to this problem. Launched earlier this year in 2012, Traffline is currently available in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. is absolutely free and shows live traffic information and updates 24*7 to help commuters avoid getting stuck in traffic. With Traffline, road commuters can instantly check current traffic conditions in their respective areas or along a particular route and opt for the best route to avoid road jams. Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) has also embraced and is providing daily route updates to commuters from its website.

Ravi says “The good news for Powai residents is that Traffline gives comprehensive traffic info for Powai and places around it. Pretty much all roads within Powai are covered. Some of them being JVLR, Saki Vihar Road, Park Site road, Central Avenue, Cliff Avenue, South Avenue, Main St, High St, Forest St and other roads around Hiranandani. Powai residents can now log onto the Traffline website from their PC or mobile internet to view live traffic info on roads around their home before leaving to avoid jammed roads and plan their journey better.”


Traffline is also available in the form of mobile applications on Android an IOS Stores.  In order to cater to people on the roads in a much easier and convenient manner, Birds Eye Systems has started its own voice services to give traffic information. People may call 9223 111 000 on working days between 8 AM to 8 PM and enquire about live traffic situations anywhere in Mumbai

Accuracy of

A couple of journalists tested the accuracy of the live traffic information provided by Traffline, seeing that the information could be a huge aid to the road travelers. The results of the tests were validated against on-field experience and it was found to be largely accurate. It was recommended that commuters can use to avoid getting stuck on clogged roads and choose best route to their destinations. Below is the link which has details of the drive test results

The product was well received by users as well and we had over 10,000 people access on the day of Ganesh Immersion to understand traffic movement in different parts of the city.