Powai resident Leesa Mohanty’s Book “Dancing is fun” was on  launched by Kathak queen Dr. Sitara Devi at Crosswords Powai, on 25th April 2010.This handbook shares some examples on how learning can be imparted in a more creative environment,making it easier for the students to meet the goals set by the teacher.This handbook will help the trainer usher in creativity, clarity of thought and resasoning among the studetnts, thereby making the entire process more enjoyable.

The handbook comes with a set of flash cards (available only in the paper back version) on the various aspects of Indian classical dance namely the hand gestures- one hand and two hands, the eyeball movements, the neck movements, the head movements and the nine sentiments. The flash cards give the English transliteration of the usage of these gestures as mentioned in the Abhunaya Darpana by Nandikeshwara.

Indian classical dance has its distinct grammar, which makes it a fully developed launguage based on treaties written by authorities in dramaturgy from time immemorial. A detialed technique have been developed for making this art form a rigorous discipline which once mastered leads to a state of spiritual bliss.

About Leesa

Leesa Mohanty is an accomplished Odissi dancer and a teacher of Odissi dance. Over the last 20 years she has performed at various events/forums worldwide. Apart from performing on stage, running her own dance school and writing articles, Leesa runs a cultural tourism portal http://nirguna.in/ offering unique insightful experiences to international and national travellers into Indian culture. Originally from Orissa she lives in Powai, Mumbai with her family.She is a management graduate who quit the corporate world to pursue her passion in dance and love towards Indian culture.You can get in touch with leesa to wish her success at [email protected]