Powai PRINCESS 2008

Powai FESTIVAL 2008 – ‘Powai Princess’

Applications are invited from all eligible contestants to participate in the Powai Princess

2008 contest. If you have the confidence, the personality, the attitude, the face and figure,

we have the right platform to showcase it. The criteria for selection of the contestants is an

extremely detailed process, designed by experts and professionals in the industry.

Powai Princess 2008 will have the following stages:

1. Call for entries from across the Mumbai North East constituency.

2. Screening of entries.

3. Preliminary elimination round leaving only the top 100 contestants.

4. Final elimination round leaving us with the most beautiful and talented contestants.

5. An all-encompassing training session by experts in the industry to develop well-

rounded, talented personalities.

6. Preliminary Rounds:

Miss Hair

Miss Smile

Miss Photogenic

Miss Personality

Miss Congeniality

And finally The Grand Pageant on the 27th of April 2008

Please Note:

Before submitting your application the applicants must study and accept the rules and regulations

of the pageant.

Application forms must be accompanied by registration fee of Rs. 100/-. Cheques/DD

should be made payable to Powai Festival 2008. Please write your name and telephone

number on the back of the cheque. Entry fees are non-refundable & non-transferable.

All applications must have two recent full body photographs attached.

All applications must have a photocopy of age proof document attached.

Download Application Form