Powai Parent Writes to PM About Hiked School Fees

The Times of Mulund Powai spoke to this vexed parent to know what prompted him to dash such a letter. Shetty explained, “In the suburb of Powai unlike other suburbs we do not have government aided schools. All the schools are run by trusts or private management therefore they keep increasing the fee every academic year without any value addition. In families where there are two or more children educational fee is quite steep.

In addition many families are also forced to send their children to private tuitions which adds to their financial burden” he revealed.Interestingly, most schools in Powai have been established after 1970, when the government stopped giving aid to English medium schools. Hence this suburb faces a unique problem with no aided English medium school. Children wishing to attend such aided schools have to travel up to Ghatkopar or go to other suburbs.

Shetty further adds, “The school fee issue is presently pending in court. On March 4, the state government passed an order asking the schools to collect fee amount prevailing in 2008-09 till the matter is resolved. However, most schools in our suburb have started charging hiked fees for the year 2010-11 which is serious matter.

These schools must be questioned for not obeying the state government order” he pointed out. Shetty wrote his letter on April 1, he is not sure if he will receive a reply in his favour but he claims he has at least brought the matter before the decision makers. “I had earlier written to the State Education minister B Torat but did not get any reply so I felt the need to highlight the issue at the higher level.” The issue of hiked fee is indeed serious if one views the comparative fee charged by various schools.

Fee charged by various schools for Std V aided school Rs 5 per month, non aided private school following state board Rs 250-500 per month, private schools following other boards Rs 800-1000 per month, international schools Rs 1000 plus per month.

Source: mumbaipluses.com