Hair is an expression of style, beauty, self-image and confidence. At Trica, we believe in healthy hair that allows you to approach life at your confident best. We ensure that we understand your hair concern, aspiration and partner with you in attaining your goals.

Trica Hair Clinic is a one of its kind hair and scalp clinic that provides result oriented and customized solutions, using a unique combination of the latest medical technologies and products, specially sourced from across the world.

Trica brings for the first time in India, innovative in medical technologies for hair growth, hair health and hair longevity. We offer a comprehensive scalp care system using US patented solutions that regenerates the entire scalp, nourishing and enriching the hair roots from within. Our Nutri-driveTM and BiogenesisTM system revive and regrow the hair, and are effective even in the toughest of cases, giving a customer satisfaction rate of over 95%.

Our Approach: We get to the root of it

At Trica Hair Clinic, we understand that every individual’s hair and scalp is unique. Hair has its life in its roots. Hence healthy roots ensure rich, healthy hair growth.

Your hair and scalp journey at Trica begins with an understanding of your hair through a consultation with our in-house doctors. Our in-depth Hair Analysis System captures your hair density, signs of early hair thinning, hair thickness and scalp condition. Based on these findings, our doctors recommend a customised programme designed just for you, and explain the expected outcome from the treatment.

Fast results:

“I started my treatment about 4 months ago without much hope as I was rejected by most clinics for hair growth treatments. Five months later, I have noticed a marked improvement on my hair line. I have been complemented by friends, relatives & colleagues for it”, says Sunil Nayak, one of the first clients of Trica, at our Vile Parle clinic.

Trica Hair Clinic’s mission is to ensure that we will solve all your hair problems and provide fast and effective results.

Trica Programmes:​

Trica Hair Clinic understands your need to get long lasting, natural, effective hair solutions that go a long way towards attaining that crowning glory. We have treatments for hair issues ranging from hair loss, hair fall, hair thinning and dandruff treatments that are suitable for people of all ages. All our programmes are tailored to suit your needs as recommended by our in-house doctors.

Our holistic approach includes a combination of services, home care products, nutrients and diet advisory.

The advantages of our treatment programs are:

• Customized and Personalized Solutions

• Faster & Effective Results

• Plant-based, Safe & Hypoallergenic Products

• Products & Solutions used In over 2000 Hair Clinics Worldwide

• US Patented Solutions & Advanced Technologies

Anita Dhillon, another of our happy clients, says “I had severe hair fall and thinning of my hair for several months now. Since I have started taking treatments at Trica, I have seen tremendous improvements (in my hair). I use all the home care products and nutritional supplements regularly. My hair quality has improved and the hair fall has decreased considerably. I am really happy with my experience at Trica Hair Clinic; it has given my confidence back.”

Trica Experience:

While effective results is the primary reason why our clients love us as well as recommend us to their friends and family, our client-centric approach keeps the smile on our client’s face.

We are committed to provide a caring and hassle-free experience that is tailored to your lifestyle and specific needs.

Trica Hair Clinic takes pride in the fact that ‘we are for hair’ and ‘nothing else but hair’. If you’re looking for a long lasting solution to your hair concern with quick, visible results, get in touch with us, at any one of our clinic locations:

Vile Parle: +91 92222 28000

Powai: +91 92222 25353

email: [email protected]