Powai mom Rashmi Chand has written a fun book to get your little ones interested in brushing their teeth. Getting toddlers to brush is a challenge that most parents face. Trying to get your toddler to brush his teeth? Tired of all the coaxing, running and failing yet again? Try this fun book with equally catchy illustrations for your child. 
Teeth Bugs are having a party in your mouth, would you let them spoil your beautiful bright teeth? Learn how to make them go away with this interesting book.

About the author

Rashmi has been in Powai for past 8 years. She tells Powai info about herself and her love for Powai.

Powai Mom

Could you introduce yourself?

I am a blogger with pen name notjustmommying. Professionally I am a hotel-management graduate and I have worked with leading hospitality chains and hotel management colleges before I took a plunge into writing.

I have spent most of my life in various small towns (Army cantonments) of India and last 12 years in Delhi and Mumbai. Powai became my home after I got married to my sailor man. 

My family is totally smitten with Powai, this tiny clean green part of Mumbai suburbs! I'm so glad that they chose Powai to live in. Being an Army kid myself, I am used to green, well maintained secure areas and Powai offers the same feeling. Nowhere in Mumbai can one find such lush, green manicured gardens and play areas. Does anyone need more reasons to fall in love with Powai? 

How did writing happen to you? 

Motherhood gets the best out of us. It brings out so many hidden talents that we did not know existed within us. With the birth of my little one, I have become a clown, a writer, a more innovative cook and a storyteller.  I have suddenly developed this talent of weaving quick yet interesting stories, I love the magic spell they cast on my toddler and how he looks at me with his mouth agape. "Teeth bugs and the bunny" is one of the stories that was born on a regular night while I was trying to make a story to tell the importance of regularly brushing the teeth to my then 18 months old son. The outcome of my story was that next day he willingly took the brush and wanted to brush his teeth. There has been no forcing since then, he is now close to 4 years.

Sharing with my readers a sweet little part of our bedtime story and hoping it makes brushing routine easier and enjoyable for your little ones. 

Powai Mom

"Teeth bugs and the bunny" is available at all leading online platforms.