Prashant Sarkar is new to Powai, he has lived in Delhi before this for last 8 years. Due to the demands of his work he never found time to paint for last 8/9 years. Only after coming to Powai for a job, he started to paint again.

Prashant has been in Powai for last 18 months, he has painted about 250/300 paintings of the lake in various sizes. All are water colour on handmade paper. He says he tries to go to the lake every morning to Paint. He has painted many paintings of a single view and never gets tired of Painting it as the lake is so beautiful.

Prashant Sarkar is a arts graduate from Benaras Hindu University. He does animation for a living and painting is his passion. He records his paintings and puts them of youtube and Facebook. His painting of Powai Lake recently got exhibited in Hong kong and Thailand recently.

Most of his fans on social media are from UK and US. Once a lady from UK left a comment on his video that the lake seemed dirty. He felt hurt about it, but says what we have I have to appreciate, but BMC should clean the lake. This is his Website .