Since last six years we are residing in Mumbai. Our first destination was Powai, Mumbai. Since then we have been living here in Powai. My wife is persuading me for quite some time for a suitable flat for ourselves here in Mumbai but in line with my capacity the flats are available in the places like Ghodebunder , Dombivili , Mira road etc. These places are quite far from Powai.

Me and my wife even short selected a small flat at Dombivili , but at the night when I was talking to my daughter about the prospectus of the new flat she flatly says that she cannot live anywhere other than Powai.When I warned her that I may be transferred anywhere anytime she says that she does not bother for that but if we have to stay in Mumbai it has to be in Powai.

I further ask her what is there in Powai ? Her answer is, “Powai is neo-Mumbai , it has the glitter of the luxurious south Mumbai at the same time it has the rustic somber of rural Mumbai , both the worlds merge here at Powai”.

She is absolutely right. The Powai, which was a village , developed in and around the Powai lake & Powai hill, has become a new destination in the last couple of years.

The huge sky scrappers, the plush shopping malls , the glittering presence of international brands , the silent passing of luxurious cars all symbolize the hi-fi of Mumbai but at the same time the somber Powai lake, the lazy flights of birds on the sky of Powai garden, the glorious sun rise behind the Powai hill , the occasional sightings of crocodiles on the Powai lake and the silent presence of the Powai hill will always remind you this is the very old Powai.

The streets of Powai are full of cars now-a-days but come in front of the HFS in the morning you will find the entire street is laden with the ball like Kadam flowers. Lie down on the lawns of heritage park your vision will be blocked by dozens of sky scrappers but go little upstairs at go-kart or on the Powai hill the entire Powai cosmos will be at your feet. On the north side of Powai , the boundary is marked by the presence of the beautiful five star hotel , Renessas whereas on the south side the boundary is poised by the presence the Powai hill. Both symbolizes the ultra modern as well as the eternal beauty. Powai has the best institution , the IIT-Mumbai where as at the same time by the side of the same IIT , the worst and the thickest traffic jam takes place on all days.

Powai is the place which boasts of modernity on all counts, the same Powai in the name of worshiping of God halts the widening of it’s main road , the A S Marg. The eastern end of Powai , the IIT gate area resembles more like old mofussal town having countless narrow lanes and by-lanes whereas come to the western end , the Lake homes area ,Powai is more expanded vertically than across the ground. Buying a flat in Powai is next to impossible for my budget but getting sick with malaria in Powai is just a mosquito bite away. Talk to any doctor in Hiranandani hospital and you will come to know that the Powai is a malaria belt of Mumbai.

So much variety is possible only in Powai. If because of transfer someday we have to leave Powai, sure we will leave it with heavy heart.

But till that happens lets enjoy the neo-Mumbai , the Powai.

The article was written by Somnath Bera who is a Sr. Executive / NTPC. who has been “Staying & Loving” Powai since 6 years. his favorite pastimes are “Reading & Traveling”.