Sound the alert, everyone, For Powai has a brand new, utterly cool, dance and fitness destination. We call it Impetus – The Studio, and impetus is what they endeavour to provide to your daily life! Dance, Fitness programs, Zumba, Yoga, they have it all, and it’s right here in Powai, in the Lake Homes Shopping Complex on the first floor!

Impetus is a not just any studio for hire. The Directors of the studio are a trio of ladies actually passionate about dance and fitness – who know what they want and where to get the best!

Each instructor is selected carefully based not just on awesome technical skills, but also the ability to teach experienced people and newcomers alike, and make everyone comfortable.

The different classes are a judicious mix of dance styles, fitness routines, and musical genres, and cater to a wide audience from all backgrounds, interests and age groups.

Class routines are also designed with specific audiences in mind – be it homemakers, working professionals, or children. The instructors customize the classes in consultation with the Impetus Directors.

The main objective for Impetus is to give the audience a space to learn a new skill, or increase fitness levels in a comfortable environment while having a lot of fun at the same time!

Want a demo class, or just more information? Call now at any of the numbers below:

+91 8291508045 / 46 / 47

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