Powai Gardens has been Neglected and Abandoned!

Elsie Gabriel

There are several gardens and parks in Mumbai that provide amenities for out door recreation, for preserving all time natural beauty spots, objects of geological, historical, archaeological or aesthetic importance and conserving wild life. The Dr. B. Ambedkar Gardens popularly known as the Powai gardens is a beautifully tucked away green niche right opposite the L&T gates at the Powai traffic junction area leading towards the Renaissance hotel and the Saki Naka roads.

The Powai garden has beautiful natural vegetation with different varieties of trees and shrubs. The natural vegetation, grooves of evergreen gigantic trees, creepers and climbers bloom post the monsoons and it’s a sight to behold! Indian Laburnum, Palm tree, Coconut tree, Cannon ball trees, Eucalyptus, Silver oak,the Copper Pod or Yellow Poinciana, the Rain Tree, Jackfruit, Mango, Mast tree, Seesam, Neem and Pine trees are some of the tall trees which line the garden interiors.

powai lake flows into ambedkar gardens

This garden also adjoins the Powai lake and affords a panoramic view of the Hiranandani skyline and is  breathtaking during sunset. In fact the water from the Powai lake overflows into the Mithi river through this Powai gardens.

powai grden has exotic trees wh shd be labled

Unfortunately, the garden is not well maintained. Powai Gardens has been neglected and abandoned. As active citizens come join the brigade in restoring the Powai gardens and reviving the greenery of Powai! Write in and maybe we can go for a Tree identification trail at the Powai gardens to know more about it’s status!

  • There are exotic and rare trees inside the garden with rich bio diversity which is precious to Powai . We need trees in Powai to fight pollution.
  • The Powai lake waters overflow into the Powai gardens and go into the Mithi river therefore the drainage of the same which runs right across the middle of the Garden leading to the nullah of the Mithi river should be widened and kept garbage free. Maintenance of same is very vital.
  • The security of the garden should also be increased as illegal parking is slowly occupying the garden .
  • Miscreants are loitering inside the garden making it a haven for locals to simply wander around smoking and drinking, the tadi-madi Palm tree is also often made a target inside the gardens. The open grounds are becoming dry and a cricket ground is slowly emerging where locals play inside disturbing the peace of the garden and wellbeing of the plants.
  • The Trees should be labeled and guardian stands should be put around them so that they are not tampered with and no name carvings which spoil the barks of the tree.
  • The BMC had got a contractor after a decade of neglect  but he also has abandoned the garden halfway causing more damage. We can be alert watchdogs and hope the precious green cover of Powai is not lost!

powai gardens ruins being reovated 2 yrs ago and abandoned

Powai Garden is your garden, enjoy it’s beauty and help revive it!