MyHome Fitness by Ramona Braganza is amongst India’s first Home Gym concepts. Instructors trained and certified by Ramona herself, using her 3-2-1 Fitness methodologies, bring Hollywood fitness standards to your home.

It includes 3 sets of cardio, 2 sets of circuit and 1 set of core, which is a combination of Functional Training, Zumba, Yoga and Body Weight/Light Weight Exercises. The best part is that after the work-out you are left feeling invigorated, not exhausted!

The program is backed by The MyHomeFitness App that allows consumers to monitor their work-out and track their progress, besides being able to interact with Ramona herself. The app also provides diet plans and consultancy to keep your overall health in check.

After training Hollywood Celebrities Like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson & many more, Vogue’s Fitness Expert- Ramona Braganza has brought her expertise to your door-step…So let’s get going Powai!

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Call: 02249423321