Powai’s very own celeb-V.J. Juhi Pande rocks Channel ‘V’ everyday!

Elsie Gabriel

As the boom in the pop music industry during the last decade or two led to the emergence of 24-hour music channels, VJ Juhi Pande became one of the most visible faces to have on air. Her talkative, contagious cheerfulness and bubbly disposition has made the video jockey (VJ) a standout media figure alright. Her charismatic personality shines through in everything she does, be it hosting shows, interviewing celebrities or even acting.Well, this babe lives in Powai and loves every thing about it!

Juhi is full of mischief and has a naughty look which keeps one wondering what she will be upto next? But it was hard work and late hours which ultimately paid off and made her what she is today.Not only did being a VJ bring her success and recognition, but she says some of the most cherished moments in her life also came through this profession. She’s been hosting TV shows on Channel V for years now and you just can’t miss her on TV everytime you hit that remote button to glance through your favourite channels.

Juhi is full of positive vibes, bubbly, sassy and  beautifully youthful-she makes this VJ world go round-  this is Juhi Pande. It’s been years now that she has been able to sustain her position in Channel V. Today, with that baby face she still continues to rock television, consistently putting a smile on our faces with her exuberant and energetic style of hosting.

Besides VJ-ing Juhi loves to travel, “Travelling is a big passion of mine. I love backpacking through countries, trying out new things, be it the local cuisine of any country or even scuba diving, which I ticked off my to-do list! It brings out the wanderer in me, it eventually educates me with life experiences.”

Juhi studied in ten schools and  three colleges, travelling all over the country because her dad was in the Air Force. Juhi has one big precious secret. Guess what it is? There is nothing in the world that is more precious than her family! ‘Yes’, She says, “I get to spend a lot less time at home or even with my friends but thankfully everyone knows my workaholic side well enough to understand. I’am extremely close to my family.I share everything I do with them.The bond that one has with one’s family outlasts everything else,remember.”

And then, Juhi has another secret besides ofcourse juggling her Hindi and English very well on air…. “I have two tattoos – my astronomical sign on my lower back which I got done in Australia. The one on my shoulder is ‘El, Soma, Dhruv, earth, wind, water, fire’, the seven elements of my life. El is what we call my dad, Soma is my mum, Dhruv is my brother. It’s written in a mirror image and I got it in London in 2004. It was not that painful as the one I got done first in Australia!” Juhi is very proud of having her family names on her shoulder and knows her family is with her wherever she goes.

Her mantra on sustaining whatever it is you’re doing and she says, “Just be comfortable doing what you are doing. Be your self!”