Powai-based Graceyog Wellness, founded by Dr Grazilia Almeida-Khatri, has been recognised as one of the 50 best wellness companies. The award was presented at the World Health and Wellness Congress, held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai on 15th February 2018.

The awardees were selected after a rigorous process of identification. A competent research cell first drew up a shortlist of individuals who are doing extraordinary work in the wellness sphere. This shortlist was then reviewed by a jury comprising of senior industry professionals from across the globe. The following criteria were adopted in preparing final list of awardees:

  1. Track record
  2. Future orientation
  3. Compliance, integrity and ethics
  4. Ability to foster sustainability
  5. Provide patient-centred care
  6. Work in interdisciplinary teams
  7. Employ evidence-based practice
  8. Apply quality improvement
  9. Utilize informatics


The jury consists of senior leaders, researchers and academicians such as Dr. Arun Arora (Ex-President, The Economic Times, Times Group), Dr. Saugata Mitra (Chief People Officer and Member of Management Team, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Ltd), Harish Mehta (Chairman, Onward Technologies), Steve Brown (Chief Patron, CMO Asia) and others. Dr R L Bhatia (Founder, World CSR Day & World Sustainability) chaired the jury.

Commenting on the award, Dr Grazilia said, “It is an honour to be recognised for the work that I am passionate about. This award has further strengthened my commitment to help spread the wellness mindset far and wide.”

GraceYog Wellness has been crusading the cause of preventive care and wellness through natural healing since its inception in 2012. The centre, located in Powai Plaza, has been gaining traction in recent years because of growing awareness about the rise of lifestyle diseases and the positive impact that lifestyle changes including diet, yoga, and attitude, can have on quality of life and disease prevention.

More about Graceyog Wellness

GraceYog Wellness is a wellbeing centre that helps people reach their health goals holistically by focussing on the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. At GraceYog, the mantra is ‘compassionate care’ and the objective is to introduce people to a healthy way of living and disease management. This involves making positive changes to prevent diseases and to change the patient’s approach to living.

GraceYog Wellness emphasizes non-pharmaceutical interventions in treatment and relies on the expertise of their specialists in the fields of homeopathy, nutrition, yoga, and psychology. This is not because of an aversion to conventional medicine, but because of an understanding that life-saving pharmaceutical drugs and interventions are best used as a last resort. After all, many modern day crises in healthcare are a direct consequence of irresponsible use and overuse of pharmaceuticals. A striking example of this would be the growing threat of antibiotic resistance that threatens global populations.

GraceYog Wellness doesn’t just work to highlight this problem, but also works tirelessly to address it by educating patients about the power of the body to heal itself through nutrition, exercise, and better management of emotions. To this end, their health and wellness centre offers customised yoga training sessions (to groups, individuals and businesses), yoga retreats, homeopathic treatment, physical therapy (including Pilates), mindful meditation, nutrition therapy, and talk therapy (personal counselling).

While the vast majority of these patients are looking for ways to reverse diabetes, hypertension, and other metabolic disorders, growing numbers are also turning to GraceYog Wellness to improve their quality of life and prevent such diseases in the future.

The brand is also making forays into the natural beauty products market. Because of growing concerns about high levels of toxicity, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals in many commercial skin and beauty products, GraceYog Wellness now uses its expertise to create organic, natural alternatives that are formulated and produced in-house. These products are both safe and eco-friendly, as the ingredients are sourced from local farmers across the country.

The positive impact that GraceYog Wellness has had on its clients is enormous, and the brand will continue to expand its reach, improving lifestyles, one patient at a time.

You may contact Graceyog Wellness on 7738387787.