There are couple of pothole reporting apps. Please use one of these to report the same. Maybe the number of complaints might mobilise the relevant authority.

1) SPOTHOLE APP – Android Link

There is a petition pending for BMC to accept this pothole reporting app.

The app uses three basic features already available in any smartphone — mobile camera, GPS and 3G Internet and thus enables citizens to report a pothole location along with the photo and accomplish half the job. All that the BMC has to do is fill those potholes spotted by the citizens.

The Spothole App is funded and developed by the common Mumbaikars and BMC is yet to be part of the process. Once the BMC agrees to partner with the “of the people, by the people, for the people” Spothole App, they’ll be able to access all the potholes reported across Mumbai and fill them in quick turnaround time.
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If you are an android user – You could download this app

This App is owned by the MCGM and might actually be effective.

3) BMC Hotline no. to complain for potholes

1292(022-22691292) & 1293 (022-22691293)

Now keep this no. ringing Mumbai & let us know if it works