May Third Week Newsletter

Wed, May 19, 2021

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May Third Week Newsletter

Lockdown times are depressing and any gesture by corporates in appreciated. This love light from Renaissance Powai is beautiful. In this post on Facebook they say this is in recognition of all the real heroes who work to keep everyone else safe.

How BMC defeated Covid in Mumbai

I stumbled across this excellent interview by veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta with BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal. The second wave has infected people who are 95% from rich backgrounds, which is the exact opposite of the first wave where 95% of infected people were from slums. This creates problems for BMC as the commissioner says that these rich people are impatient and are trying to get direct results from the testing labs and pressure hospitals to give ICU beds. Watch the interview or read my brief summary of the interview here.

How a campaign by Powai residents to give away old used cycles went viral.

It was a simple idea wherein we collect old cycles lying unused in the basements of most of the Buildings in Powai, refurbish and donate them. Read more here.

Mental Health Support for the Young

These lockdown times take a toll on mental health, young people especially need to be looked after. They are most vulnerable in these times. I wish we could do something for them at the community level. Any organization that is committed to helping young people cope better with stress can contact me, and I will be happy to let my young followers know about your services.

Home Delivery of Essentials

Cooking takes a lot of time and energy, plus there are other things like shopping, cleaning, and cutting. One way the pandemic has changed my behaviour is that I’ve completely stopped running to the neighbourhood grocery store to buy stuff. I prefer to order online from Big Basket or Fraazo. Superdaily is another good service, but their delivery is usually only between 5 and 6 am. Big Baskets only delivers the next day, but you can try your luck with Fraazo if you want same day delivery.

Need Delivery in 15 mins

Another new kid on the block is Quikaf, they promise to deliver in 15 minutes but the items they deliver are like snacks a hungry teenager might need while studying. But they promise to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits soon. That would help me cut down on my Zomato orders and eat healthy.

Want to write for Us?

One of the things I’ve decided to do during the lockdown is to write more. I average over 1,000 words a day and some days I write over 3,000 words.The lockdown is extremely isolating for me, and the only way I am able to reach out is by writing on my numerous blogs. This newsletter is one of my communication tools.If you are also a writer and think you can create quality content, here are some guidelines on what we like to post on our site.

Blast from the Past - Hakone GoKarting

When I moved to Powai Hiranandani in 2001, one of the “must have” experiences was Hakone Go Karting. Hakone Go Karting had a fabulous track up on the hill. Many movies were filmed there. There was a climbing wall right at the entrance, which was my favorite. It was great exercise. Then they had a fabulous cafe and gaming area that again looked like something futuristic from a movie.Sadly the place has now given way to Castle Rock building and is now a concrete jungle. But here are some old pictures someone sent me for your nostalgic enjoyment.