March 1st Week Newsletter

Tue, Mar 2, 2021

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March 1st Week Newsletter

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Manoj Nayak.

The Lady who hangs around Haiko spooked out a few women

So, I got an Instagram DM informing me about a lady who had creeped her out. She said the lady carried a doll and is spotted near Haiko and she would peek in other people’s car.


The lady is harmless so treat her with kindness she happens to cross your way.

More reports came in

Another lady also confirmed that the lady was spooky and had freaked her out. Many more testimonials about the creepy lady came in but then with a caveat. Indeed the lady was spooky but she was an old-timer in Powai. This guy said he has been spotting this lady for the last ten or twelve years.

But soon as the word spread, people who knew the lady came forward and informed the lady lives in one of their building and means no harm. So please just let her be. As a response, I immediately took down her photo which I had posted and closed the topic.

We don’t want to make anybody life’s much harder than it is. But I am sure the women who got freaked out, now hold a much compassionate view of this lady. I am not sure, but it would take more than just saying she means no harm.

As a community manager, I am always wondering where I should censor information, how far ahead is a bit too much. After much deliberation I am posting this as I feel this information is not naming or putting pictures. Also since this community has been organic, it is more in the interest of the lady that people know the back story.

Torino Lift Incident

An unfortunate event about a lift going out of control was reported and it seems the maid has been a bit hurt. I hope an investigation is made into this event and the maid compensated by the lift company.

Crocodile Safari at Powai Lake as early as June.

With Aditya Thackeray becoming the Tourism Minister for Maharashtra State. We are sure to see some touristy thing happening in Mumbai. He has probably inherited his father and grandfather aesthetics. Though we didn’t see Bal Thackeray or Uddhav Thackeray doing much for the city in terms of it’s natural beauty (except the recent case of not allowing the Car shed at Aarey).

But Aditya seems to be firmly trying to implement some good aesthetics. For eg, He plans to introduce bicycle lanes in the city. The BKC one seems to have been restored lately, but what about a crocodile safari in Powai lake.

Yes, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has sought a nod by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to start crocodile safari boating in Powai lake. The tentative deadline to start the operations is June End. Somehow MTDC is sure that the Barges which will be used for the Safari will be able to keep the human’s and the crocodiles safe.

Is this a good idea? What are your thoughts?