Madhumita Mukherjee Brahmachari on her Fitness Routine

Sat, Dec 19, 2020

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Madhumita Mukherjee Brahmachari on her Fitness Routine

Madhumita Mukherjee Brahmachari fitness routines on Instagram intrigued me So I reached out to know more about her. I was surprised to hear she was a busy professional and still could maintain her extreme fitness routine.

Let us find out more about Madhumita’s fitness journey. I think her story could be inspiring for many who are struggling with Health and Fitness related Issues.

Tell us what you do professionally and what has been your fitness journey?

I am Madhumita, a fitness enthusiast and by profession, I work as a Vice-President in an MNC. My work profile demanded long hours in front of my laptop, on con-calls and meeting my clients. Naturally, the body suffered from wear and tear and more importantly, the mind suffered from a lot of stress. . This began to have a telling effect on my health and various issues started cropping up, from weight gain to mood swings, from sleeplessness to severe migraines. And I realized that the only way I can balance my life would be to embark on a fitness journey. I had to transform myself and my lifestyle to stay healthy in body mind and soul. Thus, began my tryst with a fitness 7 years ago.

I wake up daily at 4:30 am irrespective of weather and occasion to have my cup of coffee post which I head to the gym where I do a mix of cardio, weights and yoga. It is important to understand that fitness is not just about exercise. An accompanying healthy diet is often the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Today I am not only physically fit, I am much calmer, disciplined and balanced in my life. My fitness routine makes me feel beautiful and complete, which is very important for a woman.

What more infrastructure does Powai need to make residents physically fit?

I strongly feel Powai residents are blessed to have excellent infrastructure to keep physically fit. There are easily 4-5 big and well-equipped gyms not to mention numerous smaller ones to cater to every individual’s needs and finances.

Powai is also synonymous with the Marathon which has attained marquee status over the last few years. Apart from the easy availability of fresh fruit, vegetables and other health foods even the numerous restaurants here have a variety of options in their menus. I have seen Powai residents and the community in general be health conscious. Any morning you would easily see scores of people jogging or stretching in the many parks that dot this area.

Above all, the proximity to the large water bodies and green cover, that originally made this area as Mumbai’s favourite picnic spot, definitely go a long way in giving us a better air quality. However, this is one area which concerns me a lot as, over the years, the green cover of Powai has drastically reduced. It is easy to build gyms and “clean AC’ environments, but very difficult to replenish the natural infrastructure that we have been blessed with. We must pool our collective efforts towards this end.

How is it living in Powai? How long have you lived here?

Marriage brought me to Powai 8 years ago. Before that, I lived in Delhi and the few visits to Mumbai did not honestly impress me at all. However, staying in Powai changed my perception of Mumbai. Here was a locality that was different from the rest of Mumbai’s pollution, noise and grime. The skyline, open spaces, restaurants & cafes, gyms not to mention the eponymous lake and surrounding greenery – all played their part. Today, I have so many of my friends here.

I am also an active member of the Bengali community of Powai (through Powai Bengali Welfare Association). As an association, we are involved in the organizing of the Durga Puja, which is the biggest cultural event in Mumbai in terms of footfall. We are also involved in various social work in the area of women’s empowerment as part of PBWA. While Powai has seen its share of increasing traffic and congestion, the benefits far outweigh these negatives. It is a self-sustained locality – we rarely need to venture outside for anything.

What are some of your favourite places to shop/eat/hang out in Powai?

Honestly, I do not get adequate time on weekdays to go out and on weekends usually prefer to spend time at home – relax & recoup. However, some of the places that I like in Powai for food/hangout are Aromas for its chamomile Tea and health food menu; Starbucks for their Americano and of course Mirchi & Mime, LPQ (which is unfortunately closed), Poetry by Love & Cheesecake for a bit of occasional indulgence.

What is your fitness regimen & diet plan?

My fitness mantra is to be disciplined. I get up at 4:30 am and hit the gym by 5:30 am, where I spend around 1.5 hrs. One day is dedicated for cardio which comprises rowing and treadmill while 5 days are for weight training. Working out for 6 out 7 days gives my body that essential one day for rest. Stretching is an important part of weight training which I do everyday pre and post-workout. Lockdown changed a lot of things since my Gym routine got suspended. However, even during this period, I continued getting up at 4:30 am and continued with my weight (yes, I do have a workout bench and some weights at home as well) and yoga. Again, discipline and continuity are key.

I keep emphasizing on this point to all my friends - Diet is an integral part of any fitness routine. Balanced, wholesome and quantified nutrition is the key. I am a vegetarian and my diet comprises rice, chapati, and vegetables along with fruits & nuts. I also have eggs as part of my diet along with one scoop of protein shake every day. It’s a myth that fitness comes from a protein-heavy diet while cutting on carbs & fats. It is important to realize that all three have a role to play for a healthy body. Again – balanced, wholesome & quantified.