January Newsletter - Wishing you a Happy New Year 2021

Sun, Jan 3, 2021

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January Newsletter - Wishing you a Happy New Year 2021

Wishing you all dear readers a very happy new year 2021. 2020 was an extremely challenging year. Some of us made it through, some of the elderly didn’t. I myself had a personal loss of my mother. We need to come out of this stronger and help alleviate the hardship and suffering of the people who have gone through enormous hardships and suffering. So hoping we as a community rise to this challenge in coming years.

Advertising Deal for Small Businesses

In case you are the owner of small business we have an exclusive deal for you.

Advertising has shifted to Instagram from Facebook. Fortunately we did start focussing on Instagram a bit late but still have managed to capture a sizeable number of followers on our account @powaiinfo, withover 2500 followers and we do reach out to people in the neighbourhood.

But selling on social media is not easy. The biggest challenge is not how many followers one has, but how engaging your content is. Are you testing you content right?

What is the deal?

For Rs 3000/- we will give you 3o shoutouts and 3 articles.* That is Rs 100 per shoutout while are regular rates are Rs 500 per shoutout. In case you want to know more you can whatsapp me or gpay me on 9892334681 if you want to finalise this deal!!!

Support this venture

In 2020 another change we made to make this venture sustainable is introduce subscription, starting at just Rs 110 per month. If you think we should keep doing this shit. Let us know by supporting with a subscription.

We have a exclusive slack channel for all you members

We promote your exclusive content free on our website

If you as a brand have some exclusive content with our readers. We wont charge you anything to publish the same. We would even put out a teaser on social media asking people to check out your content.

Ofcourse your content would be behind our paywall and you can be certain the leads you will get are verified and authentic. We are going to be selective about this as there is certain kind of content which works behind paywall.

In case you want to talk, whatsapp me on 9892334681

Some Top Stories we Published in December 2020

Arpana Gvalani talks about life post Gostana

Gostana after a decade long run shut down in 2019. There is more to Arpana than food and cooking. Though she has 23 years of background in the hospitality, she is community person and had also hosted standups, musical events at Gostana.

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Madhumita Mukherjee Brahmachari on her Fitness Routine

Madhumita Mukherjee Brahmachari fitness routines on Instagram intrigued me hence I reached out to know more about her. I was surprised to hear she was a busy professional and still could maintain her extreme fitness routine. Let us find out more about Madhumita’s fitness journey.

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Meet the lady behind the Sunday only pop-up for authentic Mangalorean food - Parinta Salian

Let’s get to down to the business of knowing Pranita Salian the extraordinary talented Mangalorean cook who runs a Sunday only lunch delivery pop-up of authentic Mangalorean food.

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