Powai Info April Newsletter

Tue, Apr 27, 2021

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Powai Info April Newsletter

Running a Local news media Business is not easy.

It’s been almost 12 years now that I’ve been running Powai.info, I had some beginner’s luck that pushed me to this venture.. When I started this venture, my project was to tinker with the world of internet publishing.

I was excited about how blogs would replace the middlemen (aka journalists) and anyone could make their voice heard. Since I had no experience in writing or journalism. I fell hard on my face. But it was too late to turn back, I have too much in terms of “sunk costs” in this project.

Many failed

I have seen several start-ups come and go in this hyper-local media space. Most of these start-ups were founded by IIT’ians. Though they knew how scaling works and the tech stack required for it, they didn’t understand the intricacies of storytelling. Instead, they relied on clickbait headlines and tried to get the hits and visitors. Hits and visitors are a beast that you have to constantly feed, and you’re trapped in the hell you created.

That being said, I’m not sure how to make this hyperlocal business successful either. Well, having a job on the side has helped me maintain my lifestyle, and deciding not to hire someone to run this business seems to have been a good idea.

My Sucess Formula

I’ve discovered some success with how that works, in part. Yes, I don’t mind sharing them with you. The idea is to have a deeper bond with the community. I’ve been a community manager and constantly try to be your friend and even mentor to younger people.

On that note, if you need a friend or mentor, email me at manoj@manojnayak.com.

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Some Important Stories in the Month of April

I have seen three reports of robberies this month.

This makes one think about the rise in crime in and around Powai. Is the rise in crime across Mumbai or nationwide due to the pandemic, or is there a reason why Powai is more prone to crime? Perhaps it has something to do with the slums around Powai and the drastic contrast in lifestyle in Powai and the immediate neighbourhoods of Bhandup, Kanjurmarg, Saki Naka?

This picture would always make me think about what happens to an affluent society when it is surrounded by slums on all sides. Of course, abou 50% mumbaikar’s live in the slums, but they only take up about 20% of the total area of Mumbai.

Feature Image credit - [Pixeldo](Feature Image credit - Pixeldo)

Areas which are Hotspots for robberies

  1. The SM Shetty road is a hotspot as it is a remote place and the biker here has more opportunities to escape quickly.
  2. The Vijay Vihar area near Prathmesh Galaxy has a lighting problem, making it another area for muggers.

The three incidents that took place.

  1. A maid was attacked when she tried to fend off bike muggers near SM Shetty School .
  2. A Saree Shop dacoity by a thug who is out on bail. The Bhandup area is notorious and this man, who was out on bail for murder, managed to rob a shopkeeper for just Rs 3000 cash. Unfortunately, the shopkeeper is stabbed in the abdomen.
  3. Another attempt was made last night around 9 pm near Vijay Vihar and a 17-year-old boy seems to have been attacked with a knife

Around 1,000 parents of students studying at Podar International School in Powai that is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have signed a petition seeking withdrawal of the fee hike during the academic year 2021-22 and cut in regular fees due to financial constraints in wake of the Covid-19 situation. Read the entire story here

Illness is debilitating and if you are one of those who live alone or family members also get sick, then it is important to have someone deliver nutritious meals to your home. Restaurants food to be greasy and unhealthy when sick.

Fortunately, there are many do-gooders who have come together to address this problem. Below are a couple of links, please save them so you can pass them on to anyone who may get sick.

  1. [Jain Social Group Hiranandani Powai](Jain Social Group Hiranandani Powai)

  2. Bongsheel

A brutal murder took place with many watching instead of stopping the murder. A 17-year-old was mercilessly beaten to death for stealing pipes worth less than a few hundred rupees. I describe what happened that night and hold the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation morally responsible for this act. Read my opinion here.