I had scheduled a interview over a tele-conference with RTI activist Krishnaraj Rao on Sunday, here is an almost 45 minutes of  enlightening interview with Krish talking about how he got into activism and what people need to do to effect micro-level changes in governance. Please check out the audio interview.

About Krishnaraj Rao – Krish to his friends – is a campaigner for proper implementation of the Right to Information’s Act 2005. Based in Mumbai. Part of a nationwide network of activists, change-agents and journalists, which is nameless, loosely organized but very effective. Bunch of middle-aged crazy maniacs hellbent on changing the system through RTI applications, petitioning, agitations, PILs, media-campaigns, mass-outreach campaigns, ginger-groups and sundry unorthodox methods! He blogs here http://blogs.rediff.com/backfoot/

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