20140723-230411-83051296.jpgA little part of Italy comes to settle in Powai as PizzaExpress opens its first restaurant here. That’s good news for every foodie and pizza lover here. But what’s even better is that you can win exclusive passes to the opening party. If free food and brushing shoulders with fellow pizza lovers are not enough, wait till you hear what makes the pizza at PizzaExpress truly execeptional.

The thing about great pizza is that everything has to be just right. Every day. Every time. No half measures. No corners cut.

Let’s start with the dough. It’s PizzaExpress’ BIG secret. But it’s the only one. Everything else is plain to see. That’s why they have open kitchens. They’re front and centre for a reason.

Let’s then add the talent. The superstars. The Pizzaiolos. They’re trained intensively for 12 weeks before you see them. Those stripes they wear? They have to earn them. And when you watch them, you’ll see why. Flaring that dough, working that oven. It takes commitment. It takes skill. And it’s all for you. Because everything is freshly made. By hand. To order. Each time. And they wouldn’t want it any other way.

When it comes to ingredients, the folks at PizzaExpress get a little single-minded. Pizza is a simple food so they believe only great ingredients will do. They are fresh and seasonal. Their obsessive attention to detail really pays off because the result of all this effort is great quality foods that not only looks good but also tastes heavenly.

Almost every pizza uses tomato sauce but PizzaExpress gets theirs from Mr. Greci, a tomato farmer near Parma in Italy.

So to sum it up, PizzaExpress serves pizza that is nothing short of fine. And they would like to have you enjoy a party while you get served free pizza.