Pipeline Problems in Powai

The pipelines in Powai, which carry water across Mumbai, are known to have many small holes every few meters. Water has been flowing continuously out of these holes, and there has been no one to adequately address the problem.

Security personnel appointed by the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation have not been on duty. As a result, slum dwellers are taking the water and using it for their own purposes. At one place in Powai, a guard was found but he had no control over anyone taking the water. People were using the water in the front of him, while he was trying to control them and tried to stop the leakage. He said that he can’t do anything regarding these holes.

On the main Marol pipeline, security guards were sitting idle or roaming around the area. The guards said that they nab the people who make the openings in the pipelines, but they are helpless regarding the repair of these holes. A guard amongst them said that it is work of Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation to repair the pipeline.

Different leakages at various places in city are making the problem crucial, and as the summer season is approaching, the situation will become out of control if proper steps aren’t taken soon.

Source: IndiaBuzzing

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