During the month of summer as the water level decreases these migratory birds flock in numbers to Powai Lake.

[box]The Asian Open Bill Storks are large wading birds characterized by predominantly white with glossy black wings and tail having a green or purple sheen.The name is derived from the distinctive gap formed between the recurved lower and arched upper mandible of the beak in adult birds. Young birds do not have this gap.The Asian Open bill feeds mainly on large molluscs and they separate the shell from the body of the snail using the tip of the beak.The Asian Open bill like many other storks forages at wetlands, reaching them by flying with wing flapping interspersed with gliding. During the warmer part of the day, they also soar on thermals and have a habit of descending rapidly into their feeding areas.Powai lake serves food for these birds, this summer have invited these birds in numbers. But with the increase of the pollution around the lake, may be in coming years these beautiful guests might not be seen.Lets conserve and make sure to think twice before throwing something into the lake and promote awareness among others.[/box]