Yesterday was Anando Mela at the Sarvjanin Durgotsav 2011, I was told there would be Bengali’s serving home made food. Was a bit late but still could manage to indulge in some unique sweets and roasted/grilled chicken manned by the gracious Saha family. Here are some pictures from anando mela, some artisans were still putting in the final touches before the crowd starts coming in full force Sunday onwards. A twitter friend Shantanu Bhattachaya told me not to miss the lunch bhog (prasad) Sunday onwards 

[quote]Also for someone who doesn’t know the Bengali culture, just a note of caution. The Pujo food stalls are mostly non-vegetarian fare , but you can enjoy some Calcutta style puchkas. I saw a few south Indians feeling a little bit disappointed for the lack of vegetarian options. [/quote]

The Saha family manning the delicious grilled/roasted chicken tangdi

[quote]These some pictures and video’s of Sashthi on 2nd October where the inmates of Presidency Jail performed at the Powai, Durgo Pujo as part of the cultural show. What a fabulous performance and such an audio/visual delight. Check this link for more info on the same[/quote]



[quote]The spirit of community is amply displayed during the “Dhunuchi Naach” competition, an integral component of any Durgotsav celebrations, that brings about every year the enthusiastic participation of a large cross-section of visitors to the Puja premises. See a video clip below.[/quote]


[quote]Some food snaps, you can get all bengali cuisine like Mochor chop, Puri Cholar dal, Mutton chop, Chicken roll, Shorse Elish Rice, Chicken kosha Rice, and wash it down with pure Bengali sweets![/quote]

Chicken Kosha and Mutton


Chicken/Mutton Biryani


Bengali Sweets