One of our coffee enthusiast friend who is enjoying her frappe right now and goes by an alias chill pill has sent some pictures from the coffee shop. Jai ho Starbucks! Here is what she has to say about her first impression.


Surprisingly affordable! Where else in the world can you get a Starbucks coffee for 100 bucks!
Quality is as good / bad as CCD.

Cons: the coffee doesnt taste anything like the Starbucks in the US. This is because they dont use the US Starbucks coffee powder. Their coffee is grown in Bangalore and is ‘approved’ by Starbucks. I saw them using standard Nestle milk straight out of the carton. So if you are going there expecting the foreign taste, forget it.

Pros: Excellent ambience, lots of yummy looking tidbits and savories. Place is sure to be a hit.

Prediction: RIP Gloria Jeans