Due to the recent technological advances, people have been stuck to their desks 9-5 and when not on their desks, with a mobile phone. These boons of technology have time and again proven to be a curse for our posture and our spine. Not to forget the mental stress that we go through every day to survive. The lifestyle of the common man has become sedentary. During this pandemic, as most of us are working from home, this problem has become even more aggravating.

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How many of us are experiencing neck and back pain due to the amount of time spent working on the laptop? Almost everyone one of us, right? I bet we cannot differentiate between work and home anymore; plus, the added strain on our spine too steals us from a goodnight's sleep. It is a known fact that a healthy and happy employee relatively performs better than an unhappy one.

It’s not just the working population but students too have, time and again, been subjected to back pain and neck pain. The reason being, again, incorrect posture and incorrect muscle use. This raises an alarm for the society as repetitive, incorrect use of muscles can lead to injuries that were once seen mostly in the older population. So, the quality of life declines.


The following is the statistics for most reported cases of neck pain. As we can see from the given bar diagram, a majority of participants had neck pain due to computer work, which is followed by adapting poor postures at work as well as stress.

Why choose Physio Live R&M Rehab Care?

Physiolive R&M Rehab Care is a dedicated team of healthcare physiotherapists which is headed by Dr Rachana G.Rai. This team of PTs diagnoses and treats individuals of all ages, from newborn to the very oldest. We, at R&M Rehab Care, perform a detailed analysis of the patient during the first visit which includes patient’s History and Physical Examination to arrive at a diagnosis and establish a management plan.

Dr RachanaG.Rai has done her MPTh in Neurology from Nair Hospital. She is a Certified Mc Kenzie Therapist, Dry Needling Practioner, Certified Kinesio Practioner. Besides all these, we use a variety of options including manual therapies, exercise programs, electrical modalities, Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopment techniques, etc.


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On the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day, we are providing free consultation for everyone from 8th to 12th September 2020.

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“Dr Rachana is really friendly and knowledgeable. She showed me all exercises in a systemic way. I am happy with the experience. The clinic is also good with all required facilities.” – VERIFIED PATIENT (PRACTO)

“I came with severe knee pain and with the first therapy itself I could feel the difference in pain. Now I am quiet fine. Dr Rachana has been very friendly and helped me understand the importance of each exercise. I just followed her instructions and it really helped.” – VERIFIED PATIENT (PRACTO)

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