Photos of Forest Park in Powai

It’s enjoyable to visit a perfectly landscaped and manicured park, but sometimes the beauty of nature is best appreciated in its most untamed form. Fortunately, Powai has parks where you can do both!

The aptly named Forest Park, located off Forest Street in Hiranandani Gardens, is a park that feels more like being in the woods. Wild and jungli, it really is hard to believe that it’s located in the middle of a developed area.

Forest Park is particularly appealing in the monsoon season, just after it has rained, when the earth smells the richest and freshest. If you go in the wet weather, it’s likely that you’ll almost have the park to yourself. It’s perfect for those seeking solitude. There are walking tracks, and seats nestled randomly and cozily into the foliage.

These captivating photos, the majority of which have been contributed by Retired Commander Sanjeev Saikia, show the natural beauty of Forest Park.

For those who haven’t visited Forest Park yet, here’s a map of where to find it. It’s possible to enter from both Forest Street and Ridge Street (although the Ridge Street entrance is very narrow, and you have to look hard for it). The park is open throughout the day.

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