23525_214791169959_1749927_nPlanning a vacation? Traveling for a business trip? Have guests over or have a function at home and don’t know where to leave your dog? We have the ‘perfect’ solution for you.

We are a home-based dog boarding facility for your pampered pooches. Your dog will become a member of our family, and live with us like they would with you, and for your peace of mind, be treated exactly the same.

We will completely pamper your dog and make sure all his needs are taken care of to make his stay comfortable.

Why choose Perfect Pooch?

  • We are unlike a traditional kennel where dogs are kept in cages.
  • Clean and safe home environment for your dogs
  • Air-conditioned rooms to beat the Mumbai summer heat
  • Regular exercise and walks
  • Meals as per your dogs requirement
  • Regular SMS and updates on our facebook page about how your dog is during his stay
  • Vet on call in case of emergencies
  • We are internationally trained canine behaviorists and can understand your dogs needs
  • We have 10 years experience in dog boarding and training
  • Pick-up and drop service from anywhere in Mumbai

What we require?

  • Friendly and socially well-behaved dogs
  • Vaccinations and deworming up-to-date
  • Medical certificate stating your dog is fit to board with us
  • Tick/flea treatment


Interested? Do contact us to fix an appointment and a free trial stay

Mobile: 8080882002/ 9769182002/ 9699933104

Website: www.perfectpooch.co.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/perfectpoochindia



Located in POWAI