Montessori is not another word for ‘daycare’ or ‘preschool’. It is a method and philosophy of education based on the work of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952).
It is a scientifically developed unique educational approach combining self-directed learning, mixed-age community learning classrooms, collaborative learning, creativity, and social responsibility focused on the development of the child as a whole being. The unique combination of scientific material at the disposal of the children and a well-trained teacher are both unparalleled in its ability to tap into a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning.

The Montessori approach to education is not only lauded by educationists, psychologists and philosophers world over but seen real world proof in the outcomes of Montessori alumni such as Larry Page and Sergei Brin, the founders of Google, and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, among others.

Our Philosophy

Development of HAND – HEART – MIND leads to Concentration –Independence – Joy


We believe in early years that hands are the direct channel to a very important aspect of learning – Experiencing, which directly feeds in to self confidence and self esteem. Hands are also the source of collecting treasures of wisdom to form a strong basis for life skills of problem solving, creativity and innovation.

Recognizing that the majority of learning at early age is through movement and exploration at the child’s own pace, our classroom activities are specially designed and introduced to optimize development of these experiences. Once the children are over the level of regular flow they are naturally drawn to this experience of intense concentration and emerge from it with a deep sense of satisfaction and empowerment. Based on the need of the child our teachers create scenarios demanding concentration, recognize concentration and protect it so that the child can get the most from each experience.


“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle


Heart is the affective/emotive organ, which cares about the results, values the outcome, feels the goals and the path taken to achieve the goals and above all feels the influences that we create in our environment. Heart is what makes us experience the personal connect with what we do, how we think and how we influence and in process recognize our individuality.
Our teachers are very sensitive to this important aspect of learning and intrinsically build mindfulness and empathy in the everyday activities and curriculum with a focus on developing independent individuals

Head is the space of our cognitive understanding; learning through readings, listening, discussion, etc. It is our body’s playground of reasoning and critical thinking. The connections made in early ages in this space drive the outcomes in the later ages. They become the source of inspiration for the hands and the emotion of our hearts.
Our teachers pay keen attention to the connections formed by consciously creating awareness of all actions and outcomes.

When their hands, hearts, and minds are appropriately engaged, children experience genuine pleasure and satisfaction. This is an indication that their performance is in harmony with their potential, and is the basis for a lifetime of joyful learning.

Our Teachers:


We are housed with Montessori trained teachers or highly qualified professionals who are passionate about education and have made it their mission. Above all our staff loves being with children and creates the magic of warmth in the lives of the young ones.
Our teachers approach each child as a whole being and are skilled at guiding children to help them grow in the way that is most natural to them.

Our Curriculum
We have a holistic curriculum, designed to flex with your child’s needs and pace of development.

In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, all of which are taught in a developmentally appropriate way, we also emphasize social emotional skills, leadership, independence, motor coordination, self awareness and control, and overall peaceful living with our life skills based methodologies and curriculum.

We also support experiential and cultural learning by the mode of:

  • Multiple Field Trips
  • Interactive festival Celebrations
  • Scientific thinking through sensorial experiments
  • Physical education in the form of Yoga and free play
  • Meaningful Extra –curricular Activities
    • French Language
    • Music
    • Speech and Drama
    • Dance

Our Classroom

Our classroom is children friendly safe place with multiple CCTV cameras. Children are free to move about the room as they desire, selecting activities that are of interest to them, working with others or by themselves if they prefer. Our place complements the belief system of our team of passionate educationists and professionals that comfortable spaces enriched for exploration help build skills and a strong value system in the children.

Parent – Teacher – Child

We believe that a strong relationship between the teachers and parents forms the foundation for the child’s development.

In addition to careful observation in the classroom and one-on-one instruction that fits the needs of each child, we also focus on keeping parents actively engaged in the activities that go on in the school and about ways to empower their children to become lifelong learners.

Various parenting seminars and parent-child interactions are conducted at the school.
A strong relationship between the teachers and the parents forms the foundation for a rich and consistently supportive environment that will allow children to feel safe, secure, and free to blossom as they grow.

We truly believe collaborative efforts of teacher and parents can realise the belief of Maria Montessori: “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society “

Our Montessori Home

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