How did ” The Pawar Public School” all operational at C/O D.B.S. REALITY OPP. BLDG. NO. 9, SANGHARSH NAGAR, CHANDIVALI, MUMBAI. (see pic at the end of the article) move to the Municipal Training Institute at Raheja Vihar Chandivili, almost overnite? Yes! we want the answer to this precise question.

A few days back Jahan Peston James a resident of Hillside Cooperative Housing Society Raheja Vihar Chandivili, woke up to see the the banners and board of ” The Pawar Public School” in the erswhile unused premises of the Municipal Training Institute at Raheja Vihar. As a concerned citizen he let us know, about this incident, which made us wonder the reasons for the ” The Pawar Public School ” shifting base to this property which is owned by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai.

A school is always a welcome initiative in our neighborhood, as many parents are harrowed and left choice less when they have to take the most important decision of admitting their children to schools. But as vigilant citizens we also want to know that there is no malpractice involved when it comes to the utilization of Public resources.

Below is what Jahan writes

For close to 3 years, the local municipal corporation has left a fully constructed building of theirs abandoned, with no sign of it being utilized by them. However, in the past couple of days, under seemingly suspicious circumstances, this property has been taken over by Pawar Public School.

This school, was initially supposed to have been located at Sangarshnagar in Chandivali, but due to the indictment of Mr.Shahid Balwa, the DB Realty owned project was put aside. Now, in a private complex, within a certified Municipal Training Institute building, the school’s banners have been set up and work within the rooms has begun at an alarmingly quick rate.

This project seems to be in violation of numerous legislative codes, of which one’s unfortunately not aware. However, it is one’s duty to curb the blinding bureaucracy we face in these times, and stand up to protect our privacy and sanctity of mind. One hopes we as alert citizens can take this case forward to an appropriate legislative authority to unfurl the truth behind this transfer of Municipal Training property to a public school initiative within such a short period of time, and with no concrete details available to the general public.

Latest Update from Jahan : The building withing which I reside, Hillside Cooperative Housing Society, has formally lodged a complaint with the Police, The Department of Education and the BMC ‘L’ Ward. As of date, NO DISCERNIBLE ACTION has been taken by the Raheja Vihar Citizens Association. Due to the impending red-tapism we face, I’d hope we may be able to build up a little more of a campaign and shine this in the light of media in the future,whilst simultaneously utilize truth propagating tools such as an RTI or a PIL.

Jahan Peston Jamas of Raheja Vihar Powai has been involved as a leader from a very young age, while studying earlier at the Bombay Scottish Powai School, he has always been a captivating orator and prolific guide to those students under his wings. Jahan led more than a hundred ambassadors as part of the special task force organizing the Golden Jubilee celebrations along with Dr Indu Sahani the College Principal and sheriff of Mumbai.

Now we as citizens of Powai want to know a couple of things

1) What are the circumstances, under which the Municipal Corporation has rented/leased their premises to ” Pawar Public Charitable Trust” for operating the school under their premises.

2) Do you as a citizen of Raheja Vihar, welcome this school ?

Below is a snapshot of from the Pawar Public School website about the original location.

The Pawar Public School is managed by the Pawar Public Charitable Trust , The Pawar Public Charitable Trust, under the guidance of its Managing Trustee Mrs. Supriya Sule, is focused on the needs of the less privileged sections of the society.