Parth Sejpal is the President elect of “Rotary Club of Mumbai – Lakers” chapter.The Lakers pledge to make Powai and Mumbai a safe and secure place to live in.

Here in a new section called “People Talk” I interview people and ask them a few questions on Powai.

  • How long have you been living in Powai? And why did you decide to make Powai as you home?

Have been in Powai since the year 2000. Almost 10 yrs ago Hiranandani Gardens enchanted me. But that was 10 yrs ago. The Powai Lake up front and hills b’hind, the green patch of IIT, Tulsi lake near it, accessibility to both central & western suburbs, all drew me to Powai. But that was 10 yrs ago.

  • Can you share some of your experiences of living in Powai, right from the day you selected the property, till today? How has Powai changed in your opinion?

Powai used to be beautiful, even as little as 10 yrs ago. The temperatures used to be coupla degrees lower than the rest of the city. It was verdant.

Then the hills got disappearing..the lake waters got polluted..water-hyacinth cast a death knell to the aqua-life in the rates sky-rocketed..greed brought about over construction..lesser open spaces..minimum necessary green cover..traffic in powai, snails get home quicker than we can ourselves..

  • What kind of extra amenities would you like, which are at present lacking in Powai?

Wider concrete roads..much more green cover..i would love a strictly residential community-living..beautifying powai lake precincts to international standards..

  • What do you think is the biggest advantage of living in Powai ? And what to do you think is the single most disadvantage of living here in Powai?

I cant think of any great advantage any more..though, it is still considered upscale living in suburban Mumbai..i don’t see this sobriquet lasting too long for powai..

The humongous proportion of traffic increase is giving me a migraine..

  • Can you tell us something about yourself?

I love nature..powai used to be closer to nature than it is now..i am a powaiite and inspite of everything, proud to be President of the newly formed Rotary Club of Mumbai-Lakers, we are bringing together like-minded persons to do our bit in bettering the lot of us Powaiites and the less-than-privileged in powai..otherwise, I am into dealing in TDR (transferable development rights), essential to any construction activity..

  • What do you think about this initiative of ? Do you think you can contribute to this website and help get Powai connected?

I think it is a gr8 initiative of urs, manoj. A mouse-click and u have powai on a platter..(maybe u can make ‘’powai on a platter’’ ur punch-line.. :0)