Link: Paratha’s, Powai, Mumbai, Food-court stall on burrp! Mumbai.

For the mathe-magic-ians, it’s basic… for the rest — 5! = 120 (5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1)… And now to decrypt this data — This joint has 5 basic ingredients which are mixed and matched with each other making some 100+ combinations for the parathas (breads) served.

You get two parathas served with Maa ki dal (black lentils), bundi raita (yoghurt) and pickle. You can always do a half-n-half and still pay the basic price. My personal favourite there has for years been Spring Onion with cheese / paneer. The best part of the entire paratha episode is the raita which is too groovy to miss (we usually order 2-3 servings more). Other combos of great taste could be mushroom-palak (spinach), mooli (radish)-paneer, or the evergreen alu parathas.

They also serve basic punjabi gravies like the makhanwala and korma. The foodcourt, where this is located, has very uncomfortable seating arrangements with 10-12 restaurants around. Boys from each would coming running at the table even before you sit and place their menus all over… this could get quite annoying.

This is a good visit if you’re around Hiranandani… not expensive at all (80 bucks for a serving of 2 parathas with extra raita or dal)… and better taste than ‘Only Parathas’.. (for the combos I mentioned)…