P1 copy[quote]Paprika – There is no love sincere, than the love for food.[/quote]

Paprika is like a modern day congregation area where city’s contended people come to be merry over laughter and conversations by indulging in the world cuisine offered on a plate with a smile.

p2The aura of hospitality, restrained elegance and refinement is punctuated by sun-lit spaces and chic interiors. Paprika is expansive enough to accommodate about ten tables in its air conditioned section with open red brick walls and dark wood tables, and an outdoor in a sunlit courtyard, where no one will hurry you from your table and with plants to give you company and fresh O2.

p3The menu too reflects the lavishness of the place with different tastes from around the globe. Complete food fusion, offering the yummy Indian starters as well as an exclusive selection of pastas, pizzas and continental food inspired from Italians love for food. Paprika offers terrific prices, from which you can mix and match your preferred pasta shape to sauce, and choose from a wide range of innovative salads and pizzas.  The pizzas are thin and crispy because they try and provide you with as much health benefits as possible while keeping in mind that a pizza should taste like a pizza. Hence they make their pizzas crisp to knock off most quantities of carbon dioxide from the freshly made pizza base. Thereby serving you light, thin & crispy pizza which does not leave you feeling stuffed.

p4 The Chef Vishal Vora has done his diploma from Canada from The Chef School in Mississauga, Ontario. His inspiration comes from the simple things in life like music, people, love and comfort. We at Paprika believe that the food should have a soul and a personality. Scoring high on presentation, all dishes are well dressed to feed you with your eyes before it goes down the tummy.

p5 End it with the pleasant pampering – Our chef’s signature Carrot Cake. Humongous and super sweet, is sinfully delish; this is best shared with at least one more person! Hola and Bon Apetit!

[box]Call us and we will deliver: 022 25701044 / 45. Or dine in Paprika, Shop No 1 & 2, B-Wing, Powai Vihar Complex, Powai, Mumbai 400076.[/box]