Link: Papa John’s, Powai, Mumbai, Fast food, Restaurant on burrp! Mumbai.

Whats with the Joes and Johns of the pizza world, I ask ..

I write this review at the end of what can only be labeled as Pizza weekend. A 3-day long pizza adventure had to end on a oh-so-wrong note at the newly opened Papa John’s outlet at Powai.

I was kinda disappointed to have missed the 1st-52-customers-get-year-long-supply-of-1-medium-pizza-per-week offer. But now I am glad I did, coz i’d have hated to waste that much grub.

Pizza’s tasted bland at max, drinks were mediocre and there are No Garlic bread to save the day!

The only good thing about the place is the attentive waiters, dont know how long that shall last ..