Alls well with doing voter registration and giving people info. but I got a rude shock to reality today. Went to my AC in Chandivali to collect my Voter ID. Had submitted on Feb. 7 by the two day collection drive that was organized by Lakers.

I was informed by the Election office today that these IDs will be ready only in June. When I persisted, I got to see the collector who asked his team to search my name on the database. The guy he asked did not know how to use a computer so I told him I can search myself….all I saw was no one working and piles of registration papers. The only silver lining is that has the local MP’s no. published. I called the line and left my details. I am hoping they will work with the election office to get the voter IDs out sooner. Cheers!!!

If we can again organize as a group shortly and ask the election office in Chandivali to provide the voter IDs we may be able to get a better response than going as individuals…

Arpana Rawat