By Monica Bhist

Keep Me Safe

On the eve of Republic Day, 200 students performed street plays in Hiranandani Powai. Security is a major concern for all. Students of Powar Public School, staged a street play highlighting the perils of hawking on pavements. Their main concern was the impact on safety and security specially for children as they use footpaths to walk to school. The large swathe of vendors and outside visitors make the area unsafe. Their message was Footpaths are for walking. Not Hawking!S M Shetty students based their play on the impact on cleanliness due to pavements being used for commercial exploitation. This will generate significant garbage as footpaths are not designed for such activity. Lack of infrastructure in form of public toilets will create mayhem and defeat the very purpose of Swachh Bharat!Hiranandani Foundation School focussed on evils of drugs being peddled through floating population. In the guise of selling innocuous things like balloons, these conduits target vulnerable students. Easy access to drugs makes it a devious temptation. Gopal Sharma School students expressed their fear on rise of kidnappers and robbers.

A residential area which has number of schools in the vicinity, will become vulnerable to crime. Students of NGO Asha, Vidya and Udaan also concurred with the concerns of all. They want better infrastructure in form of authorised markets for their parents to conduct respectful hawking. Students voice needs to be heard. Wrong policies of authorities is creating a law and order situation. For safe and beautiful Powai, students demand norms and infrastructure. Hawking is not a menace. It is the inhuman approach of authorities that is leading to an imbalance in society.