Save your printing cost without comprising on quality. Abbeefill, India’s first organized Cartridge Refill Service Provider has perfected the art of differentiating between cheap and cost-effectiveness.Good to know that Abbeefill saves you up to Rs. 4000 and up to Rs. 400 compared to buying a new printer cartridge and refilling at a corner store respectively. Abbeefill Cartridge Refill Station will happy to demonstrate the savings to you.

Trusting Abbeefill gives you more than savings. 24 X 7 service; use of high quality pigmented ink; 3-hour service guarantee; door step refilling service; special designed machines and tools to refill the cartridge are amongst other than should encourage you to visit your nearest Abbeefill Cartridge Refill Station.


  1. Refilling of all types of Inkjet, Laser & Dot matrix cartridges.
  2. Remanufacturing of Laser toners of all brands.
  3. Sale of Abbee Compatible Cartridges.
  4. Sale of Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) Cartridges (All brands).
  5. Sales of Remanufacture cartridges.


• Saves 80% cost by refilling.

• 100% output performance guarantee at par with OEM.

• Use of high quality pigmented inks.

• Use of high quality polyester, premium toner powder.

• Professional Application -Technically & Technologically.

• Save Cartridges. Refurbish.

• Save environment. Recycle.

• Door-step refilling services.

• Specially designed machines & tools for refilling.

• Refilling does not void printer warranty.

• The more you refill, the more you save. Ask for our value schemes.

[quote]Environment Saving due to Re-filling:-[/quote]

  1. The size of one Inkjet Cartridge is 21 sq cm & Laser Toner Cartridge is 480 sq cm.
  2. If you place all the cartridges, side by side, collected for 10 years they will spread across 2, 17,676 sq km.
  3. Approx 3/4 gallon of fossil fuel is burnt by manufacturing 1 Laser cartridge.
  4. In 10 years we shall be burning about 97 million gallons of precious non-renewable fossil fuels.
  5. 1 cartridge takes about 450 to 1000 years to decompose.

[quote]Myth about Re-filling :-[/quote]

Leakage, poor print quality, permanent printer damages are some of the boogies OEM’s typically rake up. These worries may hold true for refills from spurious roadside vendors, with Abbeefill you can be rest assured. Trust Abbeefill.

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