Day by day the Election Commission is becoming more friendlier to Voters.
Provided you have Electoral Photo ID or Voter ID popularly known as, you can now send an SMS Your EPIC Number to 9423993876 or 9423993877 to know your Assembly Constituency, Electoral Part Number, Serial number and Polling Station from the Electoral Rolls.

Later Electoral Roll in alphabetical order will be available at the helpdesk [manned by Election Commission [NOT POLITICAL PARTIES] outside every polling station where voters can find out their Name, Serial Number & Polling Station from the Electoral Rolls. This is exactly what Mr. Jai Prakash, Deputy Election Commissioner mentioned in CEO’s office while in Mumbai. They have implemented it. As you will see in the attachment of the advertisement of Election Commission in today’s Hindusthan Times, it will have an English Alphabetical List of Voters, with Names in Marathi also.
REMINDER 1st April last day for Registration of Voters. PLEASE DO NOT load the EROs with Forms other than Form 6 & 0001A.  If you are registeedr elsewhere, please vote from there this time and not apply for shift of Constituency.  This is to avoid your name not being in either of the two places.  Let us Help the Election Commission To Help us Better.
Best wishes for HAPPY VOTING on 30th April 2009!