Niranjan Hiranandani along with Mr.Ram Naik launch Powai resident Rajan Khanna’s Book called “Reflections of an Activist” at S.M Shetty school Powai.

Rajan Khanna with daughters Devika and Aditi

Rajan Khanna is amongst the very well known figures in Powai. His endeavour to create awareness among the community in Powai.

His book “Reflections of an Activists” mirrors the issue in the city of Mumbai.Views expressed and solutions suggested towards the betterment of the society , so that in the long run the city is well equipped at handling human inflow of people, traffic, water issues besides creating an equlibrium between concrete and eco-friendly surroundings.

Rajan has covered a plethora of issues in his book, besides being universal issues, they affect each one directly or indirectly. The book aims to enlighten Mumbaites on dangers lurking in the corners of the city.