Niranjan Hiranandani, MD, Hiranandani Group, shows many emotions in this candid interview with Niranjan Mudholkar. Joy at industry revival, anger at lack of leadership, excitement for future and hope for his dream – a housing revolution

He is known as the Builder Extraordinaire and a business doyen whose opinion matters. In fact, he has been instrumental in several policy reforms for the sector. While his market predictions are seldom off the mark, he prefers to talk more about dreams and visions for the construction industry.

He said the industry would bounce back and it did. So when he says affordable housing would constitute 50% of the market, people will take it seriously. And to think of it, he could have actually said goodbye to construction and focussed on textiles – hadn’t it been for a letter from the union of his weaving unit in 1981. “That was actually a letter from God,” he says. Subsequently, he sold-off the textiles unit and focussed completely on construction. He never looked back after that. “Our passion for excellence helped us establish a firm footing in the industry,” he states. Of course, he has had his share of challenges. He has been engaged in litigation with MMRDA over the alleged misuse of the quarry land in Powai. He isn’t ruffled while talking about it. “Every project has its problems. Mine is a twenty year old project. The people who handle the matters now are not the same people who handled them then. They see things differently.” Read the entire interview here