Nikhil is one of the older inhabitants of Powai, he is been in Powai since 1992.He is also giving Powai, what it desperately lacks,  “good restaurants”. He manages the only Authentic Arab Cuisine restaurant in Powai called “BISTRO GRILL EXPRESS”


  • How long have you been living in Powai? And why did you decide to make Powai as you home?

I came to Powai in 1992. My father was working with an oil company and was transferred to Bombay. So I tagged along.

  • Can you share some of your experiences of living in Powai, right from the day you selected the property, till today? How has Powai changed in your opinion?

I have actually seen Powai grow into a bustling integrated township. There was a time when we didn’t even have a bus route through Hiranandani. So, few of the building stalwarts got together and, would you believe, actually staged a protest to get a BEST bus take a detour into Hiranandani. An auto rickshaw fella used to blatantly refuse or ask for ‘double bhadaa’ to get to Hiranandani. But Powai has come a long way specially for the hiranandani’s. They are on the forbes mega rich list.

Hiranandani gardens project magnitude has only inspired me to do the unthinkable.

  • What kind of extra amenities would you like, which are at present lacking in Powai?

Almost all relevant and common amenities are available in Powai including schools, parks, and hospitals. Only couple of reasonable concern remains is of the traffic situation during rush hour. But I’m sure that’s going to subside over a period of time. In the current times security issues rule the minds of people and we already know that the Hiranandani group has already addressed this. I see loads of black clad commandoes doing rounds and keeping a vigil.


  • What do you think is the biggest advantage of living in Powai? And what to do you think is the single most disadvantage of living here in Powai?

The biggest advantage for me is that, I live in Powai and my office and other projects are in and around Powai. So I tend to save a lot of time and in turn accelerate onto new things. Flip side: there is absolutely no “night-life” in Powai barring restaurants. The cops are the only one who can make use of the nights.


  • Can you tell us something about yourself?

I’ve been living in Powai since 1992 and was away for almost 6 years out of India. My core business is Education consultancy having few franchisees under my tree. Log on to to find out more. Now I’ve initiated few projects of mine including a fine-dine restaurant in Powai.


  • What do you think about this initiative of ? Do you think you can contribute to this website and help get Powai connected?

Manoj, is doing some excellent work in terms of actually making Powai known to the outside world. I would be more than happy to contribute in making this website a hit and get the community closer.